Gluten Free Library

Welcome to the Gluten Free Library!

Over the years I have found that many people ask me advice on living gluten free.  That is what inspired me to create The “GFL”. This Library is to help anyone who has to avoid gluten.  It is a page of shared information- such as-​

Information on helpful articles and books 
Cooking tips
Where to buy food/ingredients for the best price
Food comparisons
Links to other helpful websites 

Weekly Tip-

Letting your batter sit a little before baking will give your baked gluten free recipe better flavor and texture.  It will also give more support if you are adding ingredients like chips or berries to your muffins, breads and cakes.

For recipe ideas check out our Recipe Card Catalog!

In the news-

“Not Just Celiac: Life with Multiple Autoimmune Conditions” By: Lisa Fitterman

Data reveals how frequently celiac disease travels in the company of other conditions. Meet the people who live this reality every day.

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