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About our Celiac Journey

Hello, my name is Jenn and welcome to my gluten free and celiac disease resource page!

How did I get to creating this page? About 13 years ago I started getting really sick.  I lost 20 pounds for what seemed like no reason, I was tired all the time, my hair was falling out like crazy, I was achy all the time and I don’t even have to describe my other symptoms.  Doctors kept having me tested for things like thyroid issues and the tests all came back negative.

Does this sound similar to your experience?

After 3 years of tests, I gave up on them and saw a nutritionist instead. She had an answer for me immediately- Celiac and she was right. Finally I had an answer. Now was the overwhelming task of learning a completely new way of thinking about food and what I eat.  It is a continuous education, and even after 10 years gluten free I am still learning.​

My young son has to eat gluten free too (lucky joy for Celiac being genetic), so that added an additional challenge- how to feed a child gluten free and teach him to know what is safe and what is not.​

Over the years I have found that many people ask me advice on living gluten free.  That is what inspired me to create The Gluten Free Library. This Library is to help anyone who has to be gluten free.  It is a page of shared resources- such as-​

Where to buy food/ingredients for the best price

Information on helpful articles and books 

Cooking tips



Food comparisons

Links to other helpful gluten free websites