When Nature Strikes- Gluten Free Emergency Preparedness

Always at the last minute we think of the list of sudden essentials- milk, break and eggs.  Jokingly called French Toast Storms- 

In all seriousness though, it is important to follow the Scouts and be prepared way before bad weather strikes…especially if you have food restrictions/allergies. We know how eating on a regular day takes care, now throw in power outages, flooding etc and it is even more difficult.

We have a bright green bin in our garage as our “Emergency Kit”.  It is filled with lanterns, batteries, paper plate, cups. utensils, solar run cell phone charger, first aid kit, candles, matches etc.  We also have gluten free foods that don’t need to be cooked, like Natures Valley GF Protein Bars.  They can be stored for a long time and you can get a big box at Costco for less than $13.

There are also kits you can get online and at Amazon with gluten free food rations. If you have other food allergy concerns, they have kits for those too!

Also make sure you have enough of your medications, and stash cash somewhere in your house.  We have been through storms where the whole town lost power for days, and stores/banks/gas stations were not able to process credit cards.  We were ok because we had emergency cash, while lot of people were stuck.

Think about what you need, and make an emergency kit for your home before it is already a storm event.  Do you need a generator, items for your bin, spare container of gas for your car/generator etc?  Do you have bottles that you can fill with water and freeze, to keep food in your refrigerator colder longer? Do you have extra batteries?  It is also a good idea to have a radio like the Red Cross Hand Crank Radio or the All Hazards Emergency Monitor from Oregon Scientific.

Be sure to check it on a regular basis, like when you change your fire alarm batteries during Daylight Savings. 

Taking time every once and a while to be prepared will save headaches and a little stress when bad weather strikes.

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