Make your gluten free life easier- meal prep tips

We are all busy, and having to eat gluten free already takes extra time that frankly, you don’t have.  Examining menus and labels like Sherlock Holmes…comparing choices to try and find better prices…making more things on your own etc. There are a few things that you can do with gluten free meal prep to make your life a little easier and gain some time back in your life.

Subscription services-

Take advantage of websites that offer subscription services for food that you use often.  It means less trips to a store, and the food automatically gets delivered to your house on a schedule you set. You usually get a price discount from the site for signing up for subscription delivery.  I use this with my flour from Better Batter, I get a delivery every 3 months, and you can pause your delivery if you want.  Amazon is also another site where I order gluten free foods subscription for regular delivery and better prices.

Make batches for meal prep-

gluten free pasta
cook gluten free pasta in batches and freeze for quick meals during the week

One of the gluten free meal prep steps that I use to make my life easier is- making and freezing batches of food. For example- When I make pasta, I just make the whole box and then put individual servings in ziplock bags and freeze  When you want pasta, you just heat up the frozen pasta with the sauce of your choice.  This has made doing my son’s lunches easier, and has helped at nights when everything is running late and you want a quick dinner. I do this with waffles, crepes and muffins too.  

​I also make batches of rice in the crock-pot.  You add your rice, double the water of the amount of rice, a pat of butter, a little salt and cook on high for about 2 hours, or low for about 4.  While the rice is cooking I am doing other things…time saver 🙂  I usually make enough rice for each week and keep it in the fridge.

Plan ahead your meals for the week-

To be frank I am not great at planning meals ahead of time.  I get inspired by websites like This Week for Dinner. While not specifically gf, she has many recipes and plans that are already gf or can be converted easily.  They help give you ideas when you feel like you eat the same thing all the time.  I like the weekly plans from This Week for Dinner because they taste amazing, are fun and are realistic.

Dining out-

Raise your hand if you hate how long it takes for you to examine a restaurant menu to figure out what you can eat, and then figure out what you want?  

To make it easier, look up the menu before you go and call the restaurant with questions ahead of time.  Don’t feel awkward about calling! I have actually had restaurants compliment and thank me for doing this. It is easier for them to get you an accurate answer when it is not meal rush.  


Take advantage of technology.  There are apps out there that scan product labels and tell you if you can eat that product or not. Some of those apps are-

Gluten Free Scanner

The Gluten Free Bartender is an app that helps you know what drinks and alcohol are gluten free safe .  So many drinks are a no no for gluten free people because of the flavorings or core ingredients, this app helps filter that for you.

For more tips on gluten free living, check out our Gluten Free Library page!

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