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Modern Table- Gluten Free Lentil Pasta

modern table gluten free lentil pasta

They recently opened a Target Express close to my house.  It has been great for many reasons, especially since they have many gluten free, vegetarian and international foods.  One of the items I came across was Lentil Pasta from Modern Table.  ​

I knew it would be a good thing to try one night when I needed something filling and easy to make.  My only complaint about the cooking process was that while boiling the pasta, it created a large amount of foam and was kind of smelly.  I am fairly new to lentil pasta, so the foam might have been because I had the temperature too high or something.  I will say the smell went away once I drained the water from the pasta.

I added shredded chicken to the pasta, and have to say that it was a delicious and easy meal.  The sauce might have been very light and not really creamy, but it had great flavor and I could taste the seasonings.  It was perfect as a quick and hearty meal after a long day.  ​

Bonus points- the lentil pasta is high in protein! Yea!!!​

Keep in mind though that one serving is over 400 calories!​

Overall- I will certainly get this again and if we have a cold winter, it will become a staple in my pantry.  Good flavoring, good source of protein and most of all– YUMMY!

Eat Pastry GF Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Vegan, GF and Non-GMO

Eat Pastry gluten free cookie dough

I was in my local Foodtown (which is typically not a hopeful place to find gluten free foods and products) and I was very surprised to see this Eat Pastry Gluten Free Chocolate Chip cookie dough in the refrigerated section.​

I have been realizing lately that I need to eat in more moderation.  Making a batch of cookies and eating them all in 2 days is not so good.  This cookie dough from Eat Pastry caught my eye at the perfect time! I can make 1 or 2 cookies at a time when I want a snack…and not have a messy kitchen to clean after!  ​

The cookies could not have been easier to make and they were a perfect tasty snack.  Note that I like cookies to be soft and cakey, not crispy, so I baked mine just under the recommended time.​

It was $5 for a small tub, so I probably won’t use this for every time I need cookies….but definitely when I just want to make 1 or 2 for that 3pm snack.​

So to wrap up-
Cookie dough you can eat raw without hearing your mother’s voice in your ear “Don’t eat raw dough!”.

Great tasting cookies that are no mess for your kitchen!


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The Ibotta app is another good way to save money on gluten free foods.  It is very easy to use and gives you credit on various grocery items at your favorite stores.  You can then exchange that credit for gift cards from places like Amazon and Apple.