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Is your medicine gluten free?

It seems like everyone is getting sick and it is not even winter yet!

If you have Celiac Disease or another medical reason to live gluten free, did you know you also have to check for gluten in medications not just your food?

If you get your medications through programs like Express Scripts, you can call them to ask any questions about your medications.  They are an excellent resource and are well informed. 

You can ask your pharmacist or contact the drug companies yourself. 

There are also online resources that are informative as well, giving lists of gluten free medications. Here are a few-

Gluten Free Pain Relievers List from VeryWellFit.com

Here is a helpful interview with the founder of GlutenFreeDrugs.com, Steven Plogstead (a pharmacist)-

How to Identifiy Gluten in Medications- GlutenFreeSociety.Org

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