Physicians Formula Lip Butter Review

I will be up front and say that I have never used Physicians Formula products before. I note that I wore the product for a week before writing my review because I really wanted to see how it felt and endured day after day. Did the Physicians Formula Lip Butter make me a fan? Read more to find out-

Why gluten free lip color?

You might be asking why does anyone need to care if their lip color is gluten free. Think of it…every time you lick your lips, you are ingesting your lip product. There are many people that are so sensitive to gluten that even this tiny exposure makes them sick.

What about the Physicians Formula Lip Butter?

As I mentioned, I had never used any Physicians Formula products before, but this Lip Butter has made me a convert!!

This lip color is so silky on your lips! It is truly smooth and does not gunk up like many other lip products (even the pricey ones). It stays soft with a light shimmer. The color I bought is called Pikini and it is a beautiful color that does not make my very pale skin look stark. It also lasted several hours before I needed to reapply, even after drinking from my coffee mug.

In addition to the great lip feel, I appreciated the color choices that they had available. It also did not break my wallet to buy. I got it at Rite-Aid for just $6.99!

The only negative I have is that the official name of the product is too long and clunky to say when you are telling your friends about how amazing this lip butter is, and that critique has nothing to do with the product itself – Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Lip Cream. I am just being picky because in my 9-5 I am a trademark paralegal and I work with our Marketing Team to clear product names 🙂

In closing-

I love this lip color and how it feels. The color choices and price make this product even better. I am excited to try other Physicians Formula products.

Many of their products are gluten free, but you should check their website for details about a product before buying it to be on the safe side. Their website is

Have you tried this Lip Butter before? What did you think?