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Product Review- Modern Table Meals

Creamy Alfredo Lentil Pasta


They recently opened a Target Express close to my house.  It has been great for many reasons, especially since they have many gluten free, vegetarian and international foods.  One of the items I came across was Lentil Pasta from Modern Table.  

​I knew it would be a good thing to try one night when I needed something filling and easy to make.  My only complaint about the cooking process was that while boiling the pasta, it created a large amount of foam and was kind of smelly.  I am fairly new to lentil pasta, so the foam might have been because I had the temperature too high or something.  I will say the smell went away once I drained the water from the pasta.

I added shredded chicken to the pasta, and have to say that it was a delicious and easy meal.  The sauce might have been very light and not really creamy, but it had great flavor and I could taste the seasonings.  It was perfect as a quick a hearty meal after a long day.  

​Bonus points- the lentil pasta is high in protein! Yea!!!

​Keep in mind though that one serving is over 400 calories!

​Overall- I will certainly get this again and if we have a cold winter, it will become a staple in my pantry.  Good flavoring, good source of protein and most of all– YUMMY!

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