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Product Review-Natural Bliss Dark Chocolate Peppermint creamer from CoffeeMate

I am going to have to be honest, I only started drinking coffee a year ago! I know…but 43 is not too late to fall in love with the morning brew of goodness!

There are so many flavors and brands, recipes… it is great when you find one that stands out. That is how I feel about the all natural creamer from CoffeeMate- Dark Chocolate Peppermint Natural Bliss.

See…even my mug is happy and smiling at the crack of dawn on a Monday morning! First of all, this creamer adds a nice dark chocolate richness to the coffee. The peppermint is very subtle. It does not overwhelm the coffee and adds a comforting warmth to it.

Second, I also like that the ingredients are not long unpronounceable words. They are basic and (of course since I am reviewing it) gluten free. I also like that it stirred into the coffee well. I have tried other natural creamers, and sometimes they get a weird film floating on top of the coffee and do not mix into the coffee well at all. This one does.

This is now going to be a staple in my fridge. Now back to my delicious cup of coffee…..have a great one everyone!

*I was not compensated for this review

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