Show me the money- Cost savings on gluten free foods & more

When you have to live gluten free, you quickly realize that everything seems to cost a lot more money.  It can be disheartening, especially if you are just starting gluten free living.

Fear not! Here are some ways you can save money on gluten free items.

Check out the GFL–  One my website I have put together links to coupons for many gluten free products.  You can check them out at – 

Ibotta–  If you have not already downloaded the Ibotta app…do so!  It gives you rebates at many stores for foods and products you actually buy. You will be surprised about how many gluten free products they give rebates for, even gluten free bread!  Personally I choose to get paid in an Amazon gift card, but you have choices on how you receive the rebate money.  All you have to do is go into the app, choose the product at the store you are shopping at and then take a picture and upload your receipt.  That is it!

Subscription services-  Take advantage of subscriptions services for items.  Amazon has a great Subscribe & Save program, and sometimes products offer subscription services directly.  

Go directly to the website for your favorite brands-  Go directly to the website for your favorite brands.  Some brands offer discounts to buy in bulk, have special web only sales or even offer financial aid.  A really good product that is a perfect example is Better Batter Flour- They even offer financial aid for college students that have to live gluten free.

Form a gluten free co-op– If you know someone else or a few people that also have to live gluten free, form a co-op.  You can set it up where you all agree on items that you use, and see if there is a discount to buy in bulk.  You can then buy in bulk and split the price.  The co-op can easily buy the food in bulk at warehouse stores, or some products even offer bulk pricing on their website directly.

Walmart– Walmart has been adding more and more products available for delivery on their website, and their stores have been adding more inventory of gluten free foods. Their prices are definitely competitive and cost saving. They even have the gluten free Udi’s cake in a mug 🙂

Food banks–  Hopefully you do not need to rely on foodbanks for food, but reality is that many people only eat because of their local food bank.  I would not have had food during my teen years if it was not for our local food bank and our church. That is just a reality for too many people.  If you are in that situation, check out my Library, where I have included foodbank information for gluten free and allergy friendly and safe foods.

Check out your local store for foods from different cultures- Check out any stores by you that sell ethnic foods.  There is a store by me that sells a lot of Latino and Indian foods (a weird combo…I know).  I was in shock when I saw how much cheaper it was to buy rice, masa flour, rice flour and spices from this store!  They also have fresh corn tortillas for pennies!

Warehouse stores– You might be surprised on how many gluten free items warehouse stores like Costco and Sams Club sell.  I know the Costco by me sells gluten free bread, flours, mixes, soups, pizzas and more.  My pantry is stocked with Costco vanilla and taco seasoning at all times.

Homegoods & Marshalls– I know it sounds odd…but Marshalls and Homegoods have quite a selection of gluten free snacks, mixes and foods!  I have even found Goodie Girl Cookies there!  I bought almost every box and tried not to freak out with joy!

These are just some ways to save money.  If you have other tips,  please share and let us know.

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