Top 4 gluten free pantry must haves

I have had to be gluten free for about 11 years.  In that time I have tried many versions of many different gluten free foods.  Here are the ones I consider my gluten free pantry must haves…the items I could not live without.  


Pasta is a big thing in our house, and the amount I cook is kind of scary.  It is the one healthy meal that I know I will not have to argue with my son to eat!  Hallelujah! It also makes a good lunch to pack for school using a hot thermos to keep it warm (as tip pour the hot pasta water in the Thermos for a few mins while you heat the sauce on the pasta in the pot.  Empty the water out right before you put the pasta in the Thermos).

My son and I equally like the gluten free pasta options from Barilla and Ronzoni.  Both are easily found in our local grocery store and are affordable compared to may other brands. The texture of both are very similar to “regular” pasta and there is no odd starchy smell or foam when you are cooking the pasta.  Barilla also now has a naturally gluten free lentil pasta that we enjoy as well.


My favorite flour, hands down, is Better Batter.  I love this flour so much, I have it as part of my Library Section on this website.  You can order it directly through or through Amazon.

Better Batter gluten free all purpose flour

It is very versatile, does not have an aftertaste, and is one of the most affordable flour mixes I have found.  They also have several mix options in addition to their all purpose flour.  Their flour is free of the top 11 allergens. As an extra reason to love them, the company also does a lot for community outreach.  

Cooking Sauces-

Simply Balanced has a nice variety of cooking sauces that are gluten free.  Their sauces make it easy to make a quick yet flavorful meal. My personal favorite is the Tikka Masala.  They also have a General Tso Sauce and Orange Ginger Sauce.  I find mine at Target and they are less than $4 for a jar.

Protein Bars (kids)-

Think Kids gluten free protein bars

My son is very active with MMA. Rugby and Track/Cross Country.  He needs lots of protein, but does not like eating meat or eggs.  I am thankful to have found the Think Kids protein bars.  They don’t have that protein bar aftertaste, no artificial flavors/colors, 7 grams of protein and only 4 grams of sugar. 

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